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Working To Secure Your Assets

Dividing assets tends to be a very involved, detailed process of any divorce. High-asset divorces are particularly complex and require a team of professionals that can protect your financial future through strategic solutions. At Conlon, McGlynn & McCann we have the capacity, resources, skill and knowledge needed to protect your investments and guide you through the most complex of property division scenarios.

Dividing Separate And Marital Property

Dividing property can be an intricate process regardless of net worth. Our attorneys work alongside you and educate you of the pros and cons throughout the procedure. Asset division can have tax consequences, and we want you to be aware of how each decision will impact your future. We work with forensic accountants to ensure proper valuation and uncover hidden assets.

When dividing property and assets, our lawyers will use the following procedures to determine what can be divided and how to do so:

  1. Asset declaration: Complete a comprehensive outline of all property and assets.
  2. Marital property: Determine what constitutes as marital property. These will be items that were acquired after your union. These assets are subject to equitable distribution.
  3. Separate property: Decide what items qualify as separate property. These items are typically real or personal property that was acquired before marriage. In some cases these assets are subject to equitable distribution.
  4. Asset valuation: Work with forensic accountants and specialists to determine the accurate value of your property.

Equipped To Handle Complex, High Net Worth Division

High net worth divorces involve a substantial amount of property and assets. The division of these assets can be especially demanding and require an experienced family law attorney with the proper resources to ensure that the split is done in a fair, equitable manner while maintaining business interests.

Our lawyers have over 60 years of combined experience working with couples to divide and understand:

  • Business valuation and professional practices
  • Tax consequences
  • Partnership agreements
  • Employee benefit plans and employment arrangements

Experienced Representation With Proper Resources

Don’t take steps to separate property without the assistance of an attorney. Contact our Westport office to utilize our resources and guidance. Call 203-222-8686 to set up an appointment with us today. Our attorneys can help you with the sale of your home and other properties as needed. Our Connecticut firm assists individuals throughout Fairfield County.