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How Collaborative Divorce Can Benefit Your Family

When choosing the best option for your divorce, Collaborative Divorce is worth consideration. You can get an informed legal perspective while working to reach a mutual agreement with your spouse.

Our team at Conlon, McGlynn & McCann has comprehensive training in collaborative law. We are committed to fully resolving your divorce without litigation. Our attorneys will help you take advantage of the many benefits that collaborative divorce can offer.

Keep The Peace And Mutual Respect

Divorce does not have to be a bitter battle between two opposing sides. By minimizing the duration, costs and conflicts in the divorce, collaboration can help reduce your stress overall.

Many families find that approaching divorce with a cooperative mindset gives them a better opportunity to create a stronger, healthier arrangement. We help our clients reach an outcome that they believe is truly fair and preserves their dignity.

Divorce Efficiently On Your Own Terms

Instead of leaving your future in the hands of the court through a long, expensive trial, the Collaborative Divorce process gives you maximum flexibility while putting the costs in your control. You can choose your own outcomes for property division and other important matters. Furthermore, your divorce will stay private – unlike a trial, which makes your information public.

You can rely on professional guidance as you make informed choices for your future. You and your spouse will have your own attorneys. Our lawyers also partner with mental health professionals and financial specialists, who can advise both parties on the emotional and economic elements of divorce.

Give Children A Positive Experience

Divorce affects the entire family, which means that the benefits of collaboration can also serve your children. Parents can use Collaborative Divorce to reach a healthy coparenting strategy that matches everyone’s needs and preferences. By keeping conflicts low, collaboration can help both parents establish a positive foundation for their children.

Call Us To Discuss Your Family’s Needs

If you are considering collaborative divorce, reach out to our lawyers to learn what to expect during the process. Call 203-222-8686 or email our team to schedule a consultation. Based in Fairfield County, we support families throughout Connecticut.