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Knowledgeable Family Law Attorneys Representing LGBT Individuals

Though members of Connecticut’s LGBT community now enjoy the same family law rights and responsibilities as everyone else, there are still ways the law applies to them differently. At Conlon, McGlynn & McCann, we have more than 60 years of combined experience in family law. One of our attorneys will guide you through the challenges of your family law matter with advice and advocacy carefully tailored to your individual situation.

What Sets LGBT Divorce Apart?

Connecticut legalized same-sex marriage in 2008, and the U.S. Supreme Court recognized the right to marry regardless of gender or sexual orientation in 2015. Thus, applying family law principles to LGBT families is relatively new. In particular, there are two ways that divorce law can affect you differently than non-LGBT people:

Property division: You and your spouse are entitled to an equitable division of marital property, which is defined as every asset you acquired during your marriage. However, if you were married in another state that recognized same-sex marriage before Connecticut, separating marital from nonmarital property can get complicated. We will help you sort through your retirement accounts, real estate and other valuables to determine what you must split up and what you get to keep.

Child custody/support: Often, one member of an LGBT couple has a child, with the intention that both spouses will be the child’s parents. But unless the nonbiological parent formally adopted the child, claiming child custody or visitation rights may be complicated. However, it is still possible to receive such rights when the nonbiological parent can show they have a strong emotional bond with the child.

We will help you through every aspect of your divorce with individualized attention. You will complete your family law conflict with minimal delay, expense and strife.

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