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Things To Keep In Mind During A Second Or Third Divorce

You have gone through divorce once before, or maybe twice. You should expect this time to be much like before – right?

Not necessarily. Many times, factors that did not play a part in your first divorce become significant complications in your second or third divorce. At Conlon, McGlynn & McCann, our experienced attorneys have practiced divorce law for more than 60 years combined. We understand the differences between most first and second divorces, and how to deliver a satisfying result based on your personal preferences and needs. This tailored approach to divorce promises to put you in the best position possible to adjust to your new life.

What About The Stepchildren?

Stepchildren can present one of the biggest challenges in a second divorce. If you or your spouse was married before, you each may have brought children into the marriage. Stepparents often form close bonds with their stepchildren, and want to continue their relationship after the marriage is over. However, unless you adopted your stepchildren, you are not guaranteed child custody or visitation rights with your stepkids under Connecticut law. You may be able to negotiate visitation time with your ex, but they are not required to provide it.

If you are your stepchildren’s adoptive parent, you have the benefit of shared child custody or visitation time. You also may have the responsibility of paying child support. Parents seeking child support from their exes should be aware that the level of payment awarded to them could be reduced if their ex is already paying child support or alimony to a prior spouse.

Splitting Up Marital Property

Finally, people getting divorced for a second, third or fourth time are likely to be middle-aged or seniors. They may have earned significant assets, such as retirement accounts, that now must be valued and split up equitably. This can be a complicated process, and you should make sure your attorney has experience handling large and diverse marital assets.

Get Experienced Legal Help For Going Through Divorce Again

To learn more about navigating the challenges of going through divorce a second or third time, contact Conlon, McGlynn & McCann, at our office in Westport, Connecticut. Call 203-222-8686 to schedule a consultation with one of our attorneys. We serve clients throughout Fairfield County and western Connecticut.