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Helping You Find Out The Truth In A Paternity Dispute

When a child’s paternity is in doubt, everything can be up in the air. Who is the baby’s father? How will the mother make ends meet? What will the child custody plan look like?

If you are caught up in a paternity dispute, we can help. We are Conlon, McGlynn & McCann, a family law firm in Fairfield County, Connecticut, with attorneys who have been practicing for more than 60 years combined. We represent mothers and putative fathers to make sure the paternity testing process is fair, and help them settle all the legal issues that may arise.

Figuring Out Paternity In Connecticut

Modern paternity testing is highly accurate and should settle all doubt when there is more than one possible father, or if the putative father denies paternity. The process begins with the petitioner (who could be the mother, alleged father, child or guardian) filing a Paternity Petition in family court. The judge will then issue an order compelling the alleged father to undergo DNA testing. Often, the man involved cooperates because he is eager to prove or disprove paternity.

The Next Steps

Once the testing has identified the father, the next step is to work out child custody, visitation and child support. We will work with you to determine your child’s best interests, then use our skill in family law to negotiate a fair settlement, or take your case to court.

Children deserve to have both parents in their lives whenever possible. We will help you learn the truth and deal with the consequences.

Contact Our Firm For Dependable Paternity Law Help

Your first step in handling a paternity dispute the right way is to retain the right lawyer. For a no-obligation legal consultation, contact Conlon, McGlynn & McCann, at 203-222-8686. Our office is in Westport, and we represent clients across western Connecticut.