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When One Parent Uses Manipulation

Sad to say, but it is not all that uncommon for one parent to use psychological tactics in an attempt to win the complete love and affection of the child. Oftentimes, a parent will do this out of spite; they may feel rejected themselves and want to hurt the other parent.

At Conlon, McGlynn & McCann, LLC, we have the experience and psychological understanding to get to the bottom of parental alienation. We can advise, counsel and guide you to insulate your child from suffering emotional harm and to avoid putting them in the middle.

Five Common Types Of Manipulation

The negative effects of manipulation on a child can last a lifetime. The sooner these unethical and harmful tactics are recognized and ended, the better. Look for these signs of parental alienation:

  1. Acting as if the child has betrayed them when the child sees the other parent or has an enjoyable experience with the other parent
  2. Not allowing visitation with the other parent, keeping the child engaged even when it is the other parent’s time with the child (on the phone for example), or creating unreasonable or impossible demands on the other parent when visitation happens
  3. Promising grandiose gifts or vacations that the other parent cannot provide as a way to win favor with the child
  4. Not telling the truth or embellishing information for their own benefit. One parent may tell stories or put a “spin” on details about the other parent’s behavior in an attempt to cast the other parent in a negative light or to put the blame on the other parent.
  5. Threatening self-harm if the child does not “love” them the way they want or need to be loved. This is the most extreme, volatile and harmful form of manipulation. Seek professional help right away if this is happening.

Professionals who work in mental health are trained to recognize and manage parental manipulative behavior in custody cases. We can explain your rights and the steps to take in these situations.

The Importance Of Calling In Experts

Fortunately, there are people who have dedicated their lives to understanding how to prevent and deal with mental manipulation of a child. When warranted, our attorneys will call in the experts needed to accurately assess what is going on. These experts can also offer insight and tools to deal with a manipulative parent.

In some cases, it is to the child’s benefit to have a guardian ad litem appointed. This guardian ad litem is often an attorney who will assess the situation and make reports and recommendations to the court as to what is in the child’s best interest.

Take Steps Now To End Alienation Attempts

If you have evidence of parental alienation that is or could affect your custody or visitation, do not hesitate to call our firm. Speak with an attorney who can offer solid advice on your rights and what to do next. Call 203-222-8686 or send a website inquiry email. Located in Westport, we serve clients throughout Fairfield County.