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Divorcing your narcissistic spouse

On Behalf of | Sep 19, 2023 | Divorce |

A narcissist can be incredibly charming and charismatic when they want to be, especially at the beginning of a relationship. The love of a narcissist is conditional, meaning they can be loving when you cater to their needs, but they become vindictive when you do not. They are skillful manipulators who lack a sense of empathy.

The hallmark of narcissistic personality disorder (NPD) is a grandiose sense of superiority. They have an unrealistically high perception of themselves. They believe they are special and deserve more than others. Divorcing a narcissistic spouse will not be easy. Below are some considerations that might help you through the process.

Organize your plans before letting them know

Before you file for divorce, you should try to gather all your financial documents and records inconspicuously. Try not to alert the narcissist of your plans to divorce them until you have all the details set and your plans are solid.

Record everything that could be pertinent to your divorce

According to Psychology Today, a narcissist has the tendency to lie and will not be afraid to do so, even in a court of law. Narcissists will believe so highly in themselves that they might even push to litigate, thinking they will win. Keeping records of all your conversations is crucial, especially if you will need to present evidence in court to prove they are lying.

Prioritize yourself and have a support group

A narcissist might not have the mental ability to accept that you are leaving them. They can do whatever means necessary to convince you they have changed for the better, but you have heard this before. You need the reassurance of your loved ones more than ever. Confide in your loved ones and talk to a professional if necessary. Take extra care of yourself during this challenging time. You deserve more than a one-sided love.