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Why is gray divorce becoming more common?

On Behalf of | Jun 2, 2023 | Gray Divorce |

Are you and your spouse 50 years old or older? If so, you’re in the age group that is experiencing a rising divorce rate. So-called gray divorce has been skyrocketing for the last two decades. Most other age groups are getting divorced less often, but this specific group is seeing a higher rate of divorce every year.

Why is this happening? It’s clear that every individual divorce case is unique. But there are some major trends that researchers have found that could shed some light on why this age group gets divorced more frequently than others.

Longer lives

People’s life expectancy today is around 20 years longer than it was for previous generations. This can certainly change relationships. Sometimes, people want to move on for the final decades of their life. In other cases, maybe their spouse has health complications – such as a chronic illness – which can also lead to divorce.

Staying together for the kids

Another thing you’ll find is that a lot of older couples wanted to get divorced long before they actually did. They simply stayed married because their children still lived at home. Once their children leave for college or get married and start their own families, people may feel a bit more free to get the divorce that they’ve been wanting.

A changing society

Finally, society just views divorce differently than it used to. Especially for those in older generations, the subject was a bit taboo. Today, divorce is widely accepted and that stigma is gone. Someone may have felt a lot of social pressure to stay married 20 years ago, but now they may finally feel free of that pressure and able to get a divorce.

Are you getting a divorce this year?

Once again, each divorce is unique, so it is important to examine your own motivations and priorities if you’re contemplating divorce. You’ll also want to seek legal guidance proactively in order to better safeguard your interests.