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5 things people forget to do during a divorce

On Behalf of | Jun 19, 2023 | Divorce |

Divorce is a complex matter with a lot of moving parts. While going through all the stress of divorce, you may feel like you’re forgetting to do something.

Here are a few things people commonly forget to do during a divorce:

1. Talk to your children

Your children will eventually learn about your divorce. You may be able to prepare your children for the many changes that will follow your divorce by talking to them early. It may be important to know that your children don’t need to know every detail about your divorce, but a little information can go a long way.

2. Take a break from social media

Social media can often hurt more than it can help during a divorce. While you may frequently talk to people online about your life, your divorce is something that may need to be avoided. If your spouse finds that you’re talking about your divorce, you could end up in a legal battle.

3. Update your estate plans 

You likely included your spouse in your estate plans. They may be a beneficiary or named your power of attorney, who can act on your behalf if you’re incapacitated. If you can no longer trust your spouse to be in your estate plans, then it may be time to make some changes.

4. Open bank accounts in your name

You may also share several bank accounts with your spouse. Your assets will be split after the process is over and you may need to prepare a safe and secure place for your savings and investments to go. 

5. Understand your legal rights

Every divorce is unique, but every divorce also follows the law. You may need to learn your legal options when going through a divorce. By getting the right help, you can make informed decisions for a better outcome.