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Can virtual visits help parent-child relationships?

On Behalf of | Oct 24, 2022 | Child Visitation |

Going through a separation or divorce that involves children is challenging. One thing that can complicate things even more is if one parent has to move away from the area where the child lives.

Being away from their child is going to be difficult, so finding ways to connect with them is important for the parent. One option that’s common now is virtual visitation. While this doesn’t replace in-person visits, it is a good option for times when those in-person visits just aren’t possible.

What are the benefits of these visits?

Virtual visits, which are handled via video chat, let the parent and the child see each other as they interact. The parent can read a book to the child. The child can show off skills or schoolwork they’re proud of. Planning makes it possible to play board games and do other activities together. The parent could even help with homework.

When both parents can work as a true parenting team, the parent who lives away from the child could possibly watch sporting events and similar activities the child is doing in real-time. This shows the child that they have the full support of both parents.

What rules should be set for virtual visitations?

Virtual visits should be handled the same as any other visit. This means that the parent who has the visit and the child should be able to communicate freely and without censorship or monitoring. The visits should happen at a time that’s suitable for the child, and they should be a reasonable length.

It’s possible that the virtual visits will be scheduled in the parenting plan just like any other parenting time would be. Both parents will have to work to make these virtual visits possible. The parent who’s living with the child will have to ensure the technology is available for the visit when it’s time. The other parent will need to ensure they can be present for the visit.

The terms of your parenting plan are important so be sure the terms of the virtual visits are covered. Remember to get this agreement set based on what the kids need now because you can have it modified if their needs change in the future.