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3 consequences of ending a long marriage

On Behalf of | Jul 12, 2022 | Gray Divorce |

Everyone knows that ending a marriage is difficult. Unfortunately, knowing it will be hard does not always prepare you for the reality of divorce after a long marriage.

Even when you know that getting divorced is the only solution, these unexpected effects can complicate everything. You might start to question your decisions or wonder if you’re doing the right thing. Learning about the possible consequences can help you stay the course and see your divorce through to its end.

Psychological effects

You might expect to feel sad, lonely or even depressed during and after the divorce, but these are not the only psychological burdens that plague gray divorces. Other possible mental or emotional effects include:

  • Pity for your spouse
  • Love for your spouse
  • Bouts of anxiety

You may also vacillate between feelings of intense grief over the loss of your marriage and bursts of relief or euphoria about your new freedom.

Social effects

You probably expect your relations with your ex-spouse’s family to take a hit. However, you might not expect to lose the people you built friendships with during the years of your marriage. Unfortunately, some of these social relationships may fall apart as your friends adjust to your new life circumstances.

Health effects

Recent research indicates that a late-life divorce may lead to health conditions like heart disease, diabetes, high blood pressure and even Parkinson’s disease. The psychological effects of divorce (depression, anxiety, stress, etc.) can make people more susceptible to these and other health conditions.

When you expect the unexpected during your late-life divorce, you have a better chance of coping with the gray divorce presents. Learning more about the legal side of a Connecticut divorce can provide a welcome distraction while helping you protect your best interests.