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Good self-care is vital post-divorce

On Behalf of | May 2, 2022 | Divorce |

You finalized your divorce months ago and began your new post-divorce life. So, how are you doing? It might be time for a self-care checkup. 

Everyone feels a little rough around the edges after a divorce. After all, you are no longer tethered to your spouse and your former life together as a couple and a family unit. It takes a while to get your “sea legs” back.

Is your struggle something more? Read on for tips for good self-care after the trauma of divorce.

Don’t go it alone

You need people in your lives with whom it’s OK to vent. About the divorce, your marriage breaking up, the new normal of dating, how the kids are coping . . . and more. It can be one or more close friends or family members or mental health providers but don’t isolate yourself without anyone to listen.

Reach out for support

Everyone needs a listening ear when experiencing the break-up of a marriage. You might find this through friends, family, a support group, or your place of worship. Make sure the people you turn to are supportive, not toxic.

Take care of your body

Don’t abuse alcohol or drugs. Eat healthful snacks and nutritious meals. Get enough sleep. If you have trouble sleeping, ask your doctor if you can increase your exercise sessions or make them more strenuous.

Get to know the new you

Forget the person you became when you were married to your spouse. That version of you died as the ink dried on your divorce judgment. Spend time discovering your own personal goals, favorites and dreams.

Realize that growth is painful

Kids that experience extreme growth spurts often suffer from literal “growing pains.” Shifting growth plates and extending long bones of the lower limbs can hurt. So can the emotional and psychological growth you go through after a divorce.

Ask your family law attorney for the name of some mental health professionals who can help you learn how to better adjust to the challenges you face post-divorce.