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Possible psychological consequences of divorce on children

On Behalf of | Oct 20, 2021 | Divorce |

Some children bounce back more quickly following a divorce than others. The good news is that parents may do things to help their children cope with the emotional consequences of divorce. A few helpful parenting techniques might go a long way in assisting children to adjust.

It’s natural for children to experience a wide range of distressing feelings over their parents’ divorce, but with time, love, and compassion, they should be able to heal. If your children are still overwhelmed despite your best efforts to help them adjust, you may need to obtain professional help in the form of counseling or therapy. 

4 possible challenges that kids can face when their parents divorce

For some children, their parents’ divorce isn’t the most difficult aspect of the whole process. Instead, additional stressors such as changing schools, relocating to a new house, and living with a single parent who is feeling stressed are bigger factors in their lives. Here are four signs that your child is struggling with the psychological effects of divorce:

  • Mental health problems: Divorce may cause children to have an adjustment disorder that goes away in a few months. However, studies show that kids from divorced parents are more prone to depression and anxiety.
  • Acting out: Behavioral problems that arise at home or school may be a sign that your child is experiencing difficulty adjusting to the new situation. Delinquent behavior or having a generally bad attitude are ways that kids can act out when they are hurting.
  • Poor grades: Lower grades may be a sign that your child needs help dealing with the stress they are under or acclimating to their new school.
  • Risk-taking: If your child begins to take unnecessary risks such as substance abuse or promiscuity, it can be a red flag.

There are many reasons why the above warning signs may be seen. Divorce frequently entails financial difficulties. Many families must move to smaller residences or relocate to new areas, and they typically have fewer tangible assets. This and many other factors can contribute to a child’s psychological challenges after a family breakup. 

Professional guidance can compassionately help your entire family through the divorce process and help everyone find their equilibrium.