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Sharing custody of a newborn baby after divorce

On Behalf of | Sep 8, 2021 | Child Visitation |

Getting a divorce with children of any age is emotionally difficult. However, divorcing with a newborn can be traumatic for both parents and maybe for the baby as well.

Parents must consider a child custody and visitation plan that supports the infant’s developmental needs while also ensuring that each parent can bond with the baby. As you might imagine, this is challenging for both parents who want to spend more time with their infant.

Building your parenting plan around your newborn

Infants benefit from spending short, frequent periods with both parents in this critical early stage of development. However, the needs of a newborn can wreak havoc with child custody arrangements. For example, if the baby is going to be breastfed, the baby cannot be away from the breastfeeding mom for more than a couple of hours.

The tips below can help ensure that you both spend plenty of time bonding with your baby without sacrificing the newborn’s developmental needs:

  • Establish which home will be the infant’s primary residence.
  • Avoid overnight visits with the noncustodial parent until the baby is older.
  • Schedule visits with the noncustodial parent inside the newborn’s primary residence.
  • Specify that the infant can go on short excursions with either parent.
  • Agree to revisit your child custody and visitation plan as your baby grows.
  • Consider introducing any changes to the infant’s schedule gradually.

Family courts in Connecticut understand that newborns typically require flexible child custody and visitation plans. As such, a well-thought-out parenting plan will likely be approved by the court. To better anticipate the changes your plan will require as your baby grows, learn more about Connecticut child custody laws.