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Why joint custody is not always the best option

by | Jul 5, 2021 | Child Visitation |

There are many challenges that come with the breakup of a marriage, especially when minor children are involved. Choosing a custody arrangement that best benefits the children is essential in helping everyone adjust to their new lives. While joint custody is a common arrangement, it is not always the best option. Sometimes, other agreements are better suited to help children adjust and thrive.  

Benefits of joint custody

There are two types of custody to be granted by the courts: physical custody and legal custody. Parents may have joint physical and legal custody, a common solution in many cases. But the courts can also grant legal custody, physical custody, or both to one parent if the circumstances show that it is the best option for the minor children. 

Joint custody allows both parents to spend holidays and special occasions with their children, usually on an alternating schedule. This arrangement generally provides equal time with the mother and father. But these arrangements are also flexible depending on schedules and other factors.  

When joint custody does not work

Joint custody is a good option for children in most cases. But sometimes, other arrangements are made by the courts based on special circumstances. If one parent requests sole custody, they should be prepared with evidence to show why the other parent should not share custody. Things like drug or alcohol abuse, domestic violence, child abuse, and other potentially harmful behaviors will be considered by the courts when deciding on custody arrangements.  

The child custody agreement should benefit the minor children even if it causes some inconvenience for the parents. In most cases, a joint custody arrangement is best. But there are some valid reasons for seeking sole custody. It is always helpful for parents in Connecticut to seek legal advice from an attorney with experience in child custody cases to help ensure the arrangement meets the needs of the children involved.