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The importance of having a good support system when you get divorced

On Behalf of | Jul 28, 2021 | Divorce |

Divorce is painful even if you and your spouse are splitting on the best of terms. There are financial details to consider, legal issues and costs, and the almost inevitable emotional fallout. If you have kids, especially young ones, just trying to explain why the two of you are no longer together can be extremely tough.

Your friends might feel uneasy about your new circumstances if they were close to both of you. They may decide to sidestep you now because they are suddenly so uncomfortable with you as a solo act. Your parents and family members might be unhelpful as well. Maybe they just don’t know what to do or say. If they liked your ex a lot, that adds another dimension to the problem.

All of this might leave you feeling adrift, confused, angry, frustrated and alone in Connecticut. The person that you presumably turned to when you needed advice or a shoulder to cry on isn’t there anymore.

Reasons you should have a support system while you are going through a divorce

Even if you are self-sufficient, you will most likely need some assistance to get through your divorce. “Having a support system during divorce is imperative in the divorce recovery process,” says one expert. Here’s why.

  • You won’t feel so isolated and alone.
  • Having people who care around you will prevent you from dwelling on aspects of your situation that make you depressed or anxious. You need some distraction right now.
  • The people who are in your corner can help motivate you to get past your negative emotions and come out on the other side.
  • There is often a grieving process after a divorce. Your support system can lighten your load while you are going through it.
  • Compassionate people around you can make it less likely that you will rush into a new romantic relationship before you are ready.
  • A support system boosts your mental well-being.

Getting divorced can be exhausting. Remember that there are people who care and can give you emotional and legal support.