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Coping skills to help with healing during and after divorce

On Behalf of | May 26, 2021 | Divorce |

Divorce changes nearly every aspect of one’s life. While most people realize that their financial and family situations may look quite different post-divorce, they do not actually consider the emotional damage that can occur. Even the easiest divorces can leave people emotionally drained. But there are some coping skills that can help with healing in each stage during and after a divorce. These stages are typical but can vary greatly because every situation is different.

Discovering a new normal

The early part of the divorce process, called the acute phase, can be difficult to navigate. Emotional trauma can cause people to struggle with day-to-day life. It is important for individuals to learn healthy coping mechanisms and to lean on friends and family for support.

Fortunately, during the next phase, called the acceptance phase, things do get better. Most people begin to recover from the shock of the divorce announcement. There are still emotional days and it is important to deal with those emotions as they come. Individuals may feel grief, anger, sadness and hopelessness. The third stage, the adjustment stage, is when most people are learning to accept their new normal.

Recovering and moving forward

The final stage of the typical post-divorce experience is for healing. It can be helpful to find a new hobby or interest to occupy one’s mind. It can also provide an excellent opportunity to meet new friends.  The focus should not be on finding a new romantic partner, but instead on allowing time to adjust to a new life.

Going through a divorce is one of those life-changing moments that can leave people with a certain level of emotional trauma. But there are ways to lessen the stress that comes with divorce. An experienced Connecticut divorce attorney can guide one through the legal process and increase the odds of a smoother transition toward a brighter future.