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Divorce may meet some expectations but not others

On Behalf of | Feb 26, 2021 | Divorce |

When two people decide to get divorced, they may assume that they know what will be involved. The truth is that every divorce is different, and it is important for those here in Connecticut to realize they may need to manage their expectations when it comes to the end of their marriage. Even with some assurances of what may be covered in a divorce agreement, the actual outcome may look very different from what they assumed.

First, a divorce agreement will usually instruct how to handle multiple matters that concern both parties in the divorce. There are matters that impact a person’s finances, such as the division of shared property or any child or spousal support to be paid. Connecticut is an equitable distribution state, meaning assets will be split fairly but not necessarily equally. Concerning children specifically, a divorce agreement will usually outline the custody and visitation agreement between two parents. Essentially, it provides a legal framework for most issues that may come up during or after a divorce so that both parties can reference the agreement they’ve already made.

However, a divorce can only do so much, as it cannot account for many “human” issues that often go along with ending a marriage. A divorce may not mend hurt feelings or offer any kind of direct resolution to any poor treatment a spouse may have experienced. Even some financial issues cannot be solved by divorce, especially since it can increase a person’s expenses and force them to rely on only their own income. As mentioned above, the agreement reached may not offer an equal division of assets or equal time with children, as the court will have to decide what is best with the information it has.

Even with these warnings, divorce may still be the best choice for everyone involved. Those here in Connecticut considering ending their marriages may want to talk with a family law attorney. An attorney can facilitate many of the positive outcomes divorce may have while mitigating some of the more negative consequences, so all parties can move on with their lives.