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Divorce isn’t always a joyful event

On Behalf of | Jul 23, 2020 | Divorce |

People who want to divorce their spouse might think that they will experience nothing but joy once the process is underway, and they might expect to want to throw a party when it’s finalized. While this might be partially the way things happen, there is a good chance that you’ll have to deal with some negative emotions because of the losses that occur at the end of a marriage.

The loss of companionship might happen quickly after the divorce. You won’t have another adult waiting at home to talk to after a hard day at work. You won’t have a partner to discuss the positive things that happen in your life. Instead, you’ll have to rely on family members and friends who have stuck around through the split.

The loss of time with the children is another one that can have a profound impact on your emotions. You’ll still get to spend time with them, but it will likely be less than what you had before. You’ll also have to split up holidays and other special days. Try to focus more on having a good quality of time with your kids when they’re with you.

The loss of traditions may also weigh heavily on you when your marriage ends. It might be beneficial for you to consider starting new traditions that will work with your new life. Trying to find ways to start some with the kids might help. For example, you might go get ice cream the first time they’re with you every month.

It’s important for you to think about the long-term and short-term impacts that your divorce settlement will have on you. While it is easy to let emotions rule during this time, try to consider things from a practical standpoint so that you can get your new life moving in the direction you want.