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3 things you should remember when you’re going through a second divorce

On Behalf of | Mar 4, 2020 | Divorce |

When you got married a second time, you felt like it would be for life. You thought that you’d made all your mistakes in your first marriage and that this one would last. Sadly, that has not turned out to be the case. In reality, second and third divorces do have a high rate of failure.

If you’re approaching your second, or even third, divorce, you need to think about the factors that might be special this time around. Here are three things to remember to consider when you are going through another divorce.

  1. You may have more significant assets to divide

For a second or third divorce, you may have more significant assets. It’s likely that you’re at least a few years older than the first time you divorced, so you may have a retirement account, stocks or other assets that make your case more complex.

  1. If you didn’t adopt your stepchild, you may not have a right to visitation

If you have stepchildren, you should remember that you may not have a right to visitation with them after your divorce unless you adopted them. You can negotiate visitation with the other parent, but the law doesn’t guarantee it.

  1. It’s still important to work with your attorney

Even though you’ve been through this before, this divorce is not the same as the last one you went through. You may have different assets or different relationships with stepchildren to consider. It’s important that you work with your attorney to make sure all of these new factors are taken into consideration during your divorce negotiations.

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