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January known as ‘divorce month’ according to recent report

On Behalf of | Jan 2, 2020 | Divorce |

Winter can be a cold and gloomy season here in Connecticut. But it’s not just the frigid temperatures that can bring people down. That’s because this time of year is also known for high rates of divorce, especially in January.

Why January sees a significant uptick

Whether existing conflicts get exacerbated during the holiday season or couples are waiting until their finances are in order, a recent report shows that many couples decide to part ways starting in January.

Even if couples don’t decide to divorce in January, they may use the month to evaluate their options. In some cases, they may seek legal counsel in January if they’re considering separation shortly. They often want to know what the decision will look like from a financial and child custody standpoint.

Signs couples may be wanting a divorce in the new year

While many relationship professionals suggest that couples attempt to work things out before making such a big decision, some couples may already be at breaking point. These are some indicators spouses are looking to split in the new year:

  • Marital expectations aren’t met: When one or both partners feel their relationship expectations aren’t getting met, this can create problems. For example, if a couple has kids, one parent may want to quit their job to take care of them, leaving one spouse as the sole source of income for the family. This may foster resentment between the two, as both may face substantial amounts of pressure to maintain their duties without assistance from the other partner.
  • They’re fighting over money: Disagreements over finances, especially during the holidays, can create problems in a marriage. If one spouse is making purchases without the other’s consent or knowledge, it may be difficult for them to trust one another.
  • They stop communicating: In many cases, couples on the brink of separation may no longer talk. For example, if spouses have an emotional dispute and no longer want to work through it, they may feel indifferent about each other’s feelings.

The holidays can pose marital challenges

Those who are dealing with a turbulent marriage may want to remind themselves that no matter how things turn out, they can become a stronger individual as a result and handle the challenges that life throws at them.