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Coping with the holidays without the kids

On Behalf of | Dec 18, 2019 | Divorce |

The holidays can come with mixed emotions, especially for those who’ve recently divorced. Depending on their custody arrangements, it may be one parent’s first time spending the holidays without their kids.

Not being with them can be hard

Such circumstances can make some parents feel sad, lonely and even resentful. However, these are some things that can help them cope:

  • Allow time for grieving: Sometimes, the best thing a parent can do is let their emotions out. While it may be hard now, it can get easier as they get used to their custody arrangements and find other things to do.
  • Try to avoid sulking: It can be important for one to let their feelings out, but that doesn’t mean they should go into isolation and feel sorry for themselves. It can hard to not to miss the kids or have hostile feelings towards their ex-spouse but doing so can often make one feel worse.
  • Find another time to celebrate with the kids: Just because a parent doesn’t get to see their kids on Christmas doesn’t mean they can’t celebrate at all. If they want, the parent who doesn’t have the kids could celebrate with them a week before the actual holiday.
  • Join a support group: When times get tough, people often need the support of others who’ve been in similar scenarios. By joining a local support group, it can make coping with the holidays more manageable and help develop a sense of community. It could even help divorced parents find a new love interest.

These feelings don’t always last forever

Divorce can exacerbate the stress and anxiety often felt around the holidays, especially separated parents. But by taking care of one’s self and finding the necessary support, it can get easier as time goes on.