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Understanding the myths surrounding divorce

On Behalf of | Nov 27, 2019 | Divorce |

Divorce can create uncertainties for some couples. The thought of how the split could impact their finances or their relationship with their children may keep them up at night. However, if spouses have done all they can and are still unhappy, parting ways may be their best option.

While separating from a spouse can be painful, those looking to split should know some common misunderstandings surrounding the topic of divorce.

Common myths about divorce

While everyone’s circumstances aren’t always the same, these are some common myths to be aware of:

  • Divorce is considered a moral failure: Whether a person’s marriage lasts five years or 50 years, getting a divorce does not mean someone is a complete failure. Sometimes, divorce may be necessary, as it can give each spouse a chance to pursue other interests they couldn’t before.
  • Divorce is harmful for children: Divorce can be stressful for kids, as it may take them time to adjust. But there are some cases where a separation can be beneficial for their well-being. That’s because children often need a stable and peaceful environment, which can be challenging to provide if the parents are in constant conflict.
  • Expensive weddings increase the likelihood of separation: A recent study looked at the correlation between wedding expenses and their impact on a couple’s marriage. However, the authors of the study said they couldn’t pinpoint which couples were at higher risk for divorce based on the cost of their wedding. The authors later said things like personality types, level of generosity and empathy were better indicators of a long-lasting marriage.

Parting ways can be heartbreaking

The ups and downs of divorce can be emotionally and financially painful. However, by understanding the various misconceptions surrounding divorce, it can make it easier for couples to process their feelings and move forward. Those looking to split may want to contact a knowledgeable and empathetic family law attorney. They can help couples understand their options and guide them through the lengthy and complicated process of marital separation.