Giving You The Tools You Need

At Conlon & McGlynn, LLC, we understand that the decision to divorce is not always easy and judging how to proceed can be challenging. We aim to give our clients the knowledge, guidance and peace of mind needed to move forward and seek the best possible post-divorce outcome.

Offering Dignified Arrangements

A popular method amongst couples looking for civil approach is to utilize collaborative divorce proceedings. This option typically provides couples with a dignified approach to separation, while minimizing the emotional and financial expense that often coincides with divorce.

Some benefits of the collaborative divorce process include:

  • You interact respectfully with one another
  • Avoid court interference
  • Privacy is maintained
  • Emphasis and focus is on the needs of your children
  • You are able to voice your desires regarding heirlooms and property division
  • Utilize negotiations that are unique to your situation
  • Can be cost-effective
  • Maintain control over issues and outcomes

Each party will work with their own attorneys, and sign an agreement stating that they agree to participate in the proceedings — which will result in an out-of-court settlement. You will each freely and fully exchange information, acknowledge priorities and seek mutually acceptable solutions.

Ready To Fight In The Courtroom

When alternative dispute resolution techniques such as mediation and collaborative divorce are not feasible options due to several contests and disputes, it may be best for your case to go to court. The litigation process requires an experienced trial lawyer who is aggressive and has an intricate understanding of family law procedures and courtroom techniques. Our attorneys have extensive experience and diverse backgrounds of intersecting areas of law that allow us to efficiently and effectively present your case and defend your needs.

Guiding You Through Litigation And Collaborative Divorce Processes

Our Westport divorce lawyers are ready to work as your partner and advocate. Contact us via email or call our office at 203-222-8686 to discuss your case. We serve families throughout Fairfield County in Connecticut.